Country Director - Iraq/Kurdistan

Country Director - Iraq/Kurdistan

ADRA - Adventist Development and Relief Agency

Multiple Locations, Iraq 

Representation and Networking:

  • Create a strong and visible profile for the organization, as a leading actor in all contacts with representatives of the government, donor agencies and missions, as well as visiting representatives;
  • Ensure that relationships and formal agreements with the government are maintained and the relevant government institutions are fully informed about ADRA’s activities;
  • Develop and coordinate strategy in consultation with stakeholders.

Program Development:

  • Identify new program opportunities in Yemen based on identified needs, prepare assessment missions and reports and develop new projects as resources dictate, in coordination with ADRA Regional administration;
  • Support and guide the new business opportunities to ensure programs are designed and implemented in line with ADRA’s policies, quality standard and building on past learning;
  • Collaborate actively with ADRA International Business Department (BD) team and network partners to promote development of new opportunities;
  • Act as the focal point for Emergency Response

Program Management:

  • Ensure staff capacity, organizational structures and program approaches are fit for purpose and able to effectively deliver strategic organizational goals;
  • Develop programmatic strategies and operational systems that balance country, donor and organizational priorities and capabilities;
  • Make program modifications and/or additions as appropriate in consultation with project stakeholders;
  • Ensure proper monitoring and evaluation of program activities.


  • Liaise with ADRA Regional Office, ADRA International and ADRA supporting offices and ensure the regular provision of requested information and the communication of major issues;
  • Ensure the adherence to ADRA CO policies, procedures and ADRA Regional Office directives;
  • Ensure proper maintenance of procurement and inventory systems consistent with donor and ADRA policies and guidelines;
  • Monitor and ensure that all administrative procedures are observed and satisfy the contractual conditions laid down in their agreements;
  • Facilitate the approval process for issues requiring board or management committee approval;
  • Lead the ADCOM, identify all risks and implement mitigating measures.


  • Ensure that there is optimal use of financial resources within the organization; managed in a transparent and accountable manner consistent with ADRA’s and donor policies, systems and procedures, delivering quality results and demonstrating value for money;
  • Ensure effective financial management systems, processes and controls, compliant with good operating standards and the relevant legal requirements in-country and ensure that financial systems and schemes of delegation can be modified rapidly in the event of an emergency;
  • Monitor and manage existing legal cases, making decisions that minimize ADRA’s financial, reputational and legal risks;
  • Respond robustly to any suspicions or reports of fraud, code of conduct abuses or other infractions, ensuring that ADRA’s policy and procedures on investigations are adhered to;
  • Ensure that ADRA CO complies with all relevant national legal and administrative requirements (project approvals, expat work permits, timely payment of all taxes and social security, etc).

Human Resource:

  • Provide staff care, support and encouragement for all ADRA CO staff;
  • Ensure that the National HR Manual and HR policies are in line with organizational and national legal requirements and that all staff are aware of and comply with these.


  • Monitor the security situation and dictate security protocols and procedures;
  • Advise the country team, regional director and security officer in Washington on all matters relating to security;
  • Revise the country security guidelines/manual, including hibernation and evacuation plans for the field. Communicate and implement the guidelines;
  • Participate in NGO security meetings, facilitate information exchanges and encourage field-level coordination within the NGO and international community on security concerns or delegate this to the security officer and ensure it is being done;
  • Provide security training on procedures/measures to ensure vehicle and passenger safety for the drivers and premises and assets safety for the guards;
  • Orient all ADRA staff on security procedures and provide security updates to all ADRA visitors.

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