Prosecutorial Assistant (ASEAN)

AAPTIP - Australia-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons

Bangkok, Thailand

Summary of Role

The Prosecutorial Assistant will ensure that the Prosecutorial program of AAPTIP has the support required to maximize its quality, impact and reach to all program countries through assisting the Regional Prosecutorial Adviser (RPA) and program team. The Prosecutorial Assistant will help the RPA to organise, conduct and monitor training courses, draft training reports and update all materials. The Prosecutorial Assistant will assist the RPA in conducting legal research and collecting information regarding the prosecution of Trafficking in Persons cases. He/she will also help the team and counterparts organise any regional meetings and trainings as required.

Specific Duties

The activities that the Prosecutorial Assistant will undertake are:

  • Assist the Regional Prosecutorial Adviser in conducting research into various national legal structures, focusing on anti-trafficking statutes and analogous criminal laws pertinent to the criminal justice response to trafficking in countries participating in or associated with AAPTIP;
  • Assist the Regional Prosecutorial Adviser in collecting and analysing rules of criminal procedure and local trial practices in participating countries;
  • Assist the Regional Prosecutorial Adviser in identifying and summarizing relevant bilateral, multilateral and regional treaties and MOU’s, focusing specifically on international instruments pertinent to the criminal justice response to transnational crimes;
  • Provide input, suggestions and recommendations as requested to the Regional Prosecutorial Adviser to assist in tailoring training materials to reflect the custom and practices of participating countries;
  • Assist the Regional Prosecutorial Adviser in compiling and drafting background information, training materials, case studies and other texts for delivery of course curriculum to participating countries;
  • Provide as needed logistical and other support in scheduling, organizing and delivering workshops, conferences and training courses for judges and prosecutors;
  • Update and prepare the materials for the courses delivered under the Prosecutorial program;
  • Draft the training and activity reports as requested by the Regional Prosecutorial Adviser;
  • Prepare well written and carefully researched reports, memoranda and drafts as requested by the Regional Prosecutorial Adviser;
  • Assist the broader AAPTIP program in terms of research and regional activities; and
  • Other duties as set by the RPA.

Core Competence Required

  • Understanding of trafficking and the criminal justice system;
  • Sound research, analytical and written communication skills;
  • Demonstrated organisational skills;
  • Demonstrated skills in IT, including formatting word and excel documents;
  • Demonstrated experience in working effectively in cross-cultural environments;
  • Excellent communication skills and a participatory approach; and
  • Understanding and appreciation of gender and human rights issues.


  • University degree in law.

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